We give you the story. You keep the rights (and the royalties), FOREVER.

Introducing Stories to Go. You’re the publisher. You have control. We have your back.

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Imagine you’re staring at a blank page.

Maybe it’s your first book; maybe it’s your thirty-first. Starting a new series or entering a new genre is full of promise and peril.

In front of the blank page, you’re all alone.

You have decisions to make. Decisions that will decide the fate of your series (and income) for years. Make the wrong one, and hundreds of hours will be wasted.

We can relate.

With well over a hundred books under our belts, we still feel that twinge whenever we start a new project.

Whether it’s a new pen name, a fresh genre, or a sure-fire series with one of our established imprints, we’ve asked all the same questions. We’ve felt the same anxiety.

But we’ve also found the way out.

The answer is teamwork.

With each series we start, we save WEEKS by having trusted collaborators to brainstorm with, to untangle narrative knots, and to bring their unique superpowers to every project.

We’ve assembled a team of storytelling ninjas with experience, knowledge, and what sometimes seems like ESP into readers’ minds. After years of honing our process as a family, we’ve greatly reduced the time required to move from idea to final manuscript, while also enhancing the quality of each project. All collaborations find a life of their own, and each time we see our ideas thrive in previously unimagined ways.

But we still have more ideas than we can write. And we want to help you write and launch your winning series.

So now, we’ve finally found a way to open the doors and invite more authors into our Story Studio.

Introducing Stories to Go.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of writing a novel.

For a new author, there’s no more figuring it all out on your own! Stories to Go gives you a roadmap to finish and publish your first book — a head start that saves you from the time and effort of slogging through the information overload and all the “it depends” advice.

But Stories to Go isn’t just for new authors. For an established author or efficient writers who are ready to expand into a new genre, but don’t have time to get up to speed, Stories to Go offers a shortcut through the research and a well thought out path to commercial success.

Stories to Go isn’t some predatory ghostwriting arrangement, either.

We collaborate, and you keep all your rights and your royalties. Forever.

You’re the publisher. You have control. We have your back.

With a Stories to Go package, you’ll get a professional, genre-specific cover, a fully fleshed-out StoryStarter — an outline specifically tuned to meet reader expectations, fully-developed characters and scouted locations, and one-on-one collaborative story meetings to get you started and help you through the muddy middle when the story starts to stray. You’ll also get a customized marketing launch plan and access to the Sterling & Stone Team to help you through the details of publishing your book.

Stories to Go is a new, innovative approach to collaboration.

The doors to the next Gallery will be opening soon, and we can only work with a few authors at one time. So if you want more details, let us know below and we’ll get in touch with you.